underlayment roofing waterproof roof products

As you might already know, the underlayment is a very important part of your roof. As the name suggests, it is present underneath the surface of the roof, and it has the role of providing added protection against the element. Although some roofing systems don’t actually have an underlayment, most of them do, and it’s considered a standard component of a roof to this day.


Asphalt felt underlayment and other types of weather-resistant products have constituted the main method of protecting roofs from water damage for a long time. These products are typically sturdy and they can withstand torrential rain without much of a problem. However, they are not in fact waterproof. In recent years, improved synthetic underlayment alternatives have been used with significant frequency, but despite their increased availability, they still don’t provide waterproof protection for the roofing Livonia MI projects.


For a truly waterproof product, you have to look for waterproof shingle underlayment, which is basically the next level when it comes to protecting your home from water. If you live in an area where snow storms and ice dams are common in the winter, you’ll essentially be forced to get superior quality waterproof shingle underlayment products together with building paper and other products that are designed to provide your home with better overall protection.