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michigan metal roofing companyMichigan Metal Roofing Company

Are you in search of a new complete roof system for your house or building? If so, it might benefit you to learn about the efficient advantages of metal roofing. At Roof One, we’re here to help you understand more about this residential  or commercial roofing project and can even have metal roofing installed on your home or building.

We want every Michigan resident and building owner to choose the right roof style for their building to assist with their decision-making process. Learn more about them throughout this page.

Why Choose Metal Roofing

Michigan’s residents are sure to appreciate metal roofs on their homes or buildings when compared to shingle and asphalt roofing. Though a metal roof is great for some Michigan building owners, it’s not always the best option. Learn if metal roofing is a great match for your needs:


Metal roofing is designed to last longer than others. In fact, many consumers choose metal roofs because they may never have to put another one on within their lifetime.


When you choose a standing seam for your metal roof, you have high-quality workmanship and more durability. Call today to get service!

Metal roofs can withstand rain, snow, debris, and strong winds.

Low Maintenance

Steel panels are easier to maintain when compared to shingles. Please call our company to get a price for installing new metal roofing on your home. We take on most projects!

Other Benefits

Metal often has more energy-efficiency than shingles. Plus, there are various styles, and they’re all high-quality. The panels add value to the home. Your project is important to us, so call for service now!

Different Applications and Uses for Metal Roofs

Standing seam roofing means that the panels are interlocked at the edges to form a strong seam. Michigan residents are sure to appreciate a standing seam system because of its price. Plus, it looks better than other options and might be the most superior of all options.

Our company can offer you a price quote based on your home and needs. Please call today for more information.

There are other types, too. “Metal” is a broad term, and you can find:

  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless
  • Galvanized
  • Galvalum-coated

Each one has its own drawbacks and advantages. You can ask a friendly technician if you’re not sure what’s best for your situation. As our customer, we take the time to explain everything so that you feel comfortable.

Choose Roof One

Michigan customers now understand that steel roofing material is a better choice for most situations. Please call us today to get a free quote. Our company focuses on quality, and we take each job seriously.

Ultimately, you know how brutal Michigan’s weather can be. Steel roofing materials are going to help you protect your property.

If you’re just starting to research this roofing type, we understand how confusing it is. Metal roofs aren’t for everyone, but they are typically the best choice if you:

  • Want your purchase to last a long time
  • Don’t want to replace the metal roofing every 20 years (and pay more)
  • Prefer an eco-friendly and sustainable option with no maintenance

Please call our company to request your free estimate today!