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6394641 s 200x300 - Is It Really Safe to Replace Your Roof in the Winter?

While roof replacement is a great choice when there aren’t any issues that could get in the way, wintertime isn’t generally considered to be a very good time for replacing your roof. Even though it can be done, roof replacement may be impaired or delayed during the winter, either due to sudden snowstorms that will force your workers indoors, or temperature drops that make the use of certain sealants and materials very difficult, if not impossible.


What’s worse is that replacing your roof in the winter might take a long time. Now, if you don’t want it to last all winter, you might need your roofing east Lansing technicians to spend a consistent amount of time each day working. However, here is where the dilemma arises: low temperatures, storms, blizzards, the risk of slipping and falling and the risk of getting sick because of the storm may lead to conditions that are simply too dangerous for work.


If you want to avoid such situations, the only real course of action is to choose a better time of the year for your project even if you do have to postpone it for an additional month or two. If you do plan to have your roof replaced in the winter, make sure that you follow the news closely and coordinate with your roofers to choose a time when the weather is relatively strble.