Dealing with Michigan weather can be a trying task, especially in the winter. If your roof needs replacing, roofing shingles are the best choice, but where can you find the best shingles designed especially for Michigan weather conditions. The following recommendations should help you with this problem:


  1. Look for local contractors experienced in roofing Commerce MI homes and businesses and shingle manufacturers. In some cases, they are one and the same; and if you find a reliable local contractor, they should be able to provide you with information on some of the best manufacturers who can also help you decide on the ideal type of shingle for your house.
  2. Check online to find shingle manufacturers that are actually based in Michigan and have their headquarters close to where you live. Proximity to your location usually means that the manufacturer knows a lot about your area and the types of roofing materials that work best there.
  3. Check smaller manufacturers as well as the better known ones. In some cases, a smaller and newer company will come with better innovations and cutting edge products that are more advanced, practical and affordable, than anything the mainstream market has to offer.


GAF and Roof-Rite are two of the best known roofing shingle companies operating in Michigan. You can also find many other lesser known, new manufacturers and contractors that can easily help you find what you need.