Roof One LLC

Community Contributions

Roof One Gives Back One Roof at a Time to Those in Need.

Charity Effort – Veteran in East Pointe

“Roof One” Replaces Entire Roof For Grandmother In Waterford Township.

“… for one Waterford women, it’s the hammers the nails the people on top her house, it’s the best gift she could possibly have received this holiday.”

Habitat for Humanity

Disabled 25th Annual Fishing Derby

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office 4th Annual Angel’s Night Fun Festival

Mother of 4 needs help fixing hole in roof

A Detroit family was trying to cope with damage to their home after high winds knocked down a massive tree onto their roof. The Woods family said they could not afford to fix the problem and they were desperate to get some help. Roof One Michigan stepped in and fixed the roof for this family in need.


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