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The Best Roofing Materials for Michigan

Choices Of Roofing Materials Michigan is a state in the Midwest, located in the proximity of the Great Lakes, both features being factors that determine the state’s climate. The state’s continental climate comes with higher temperatures in the south and in the central region and with more severe weather in the north, but short, hot summers and cold, harsh winters are typical throughout the state. Michigan also gets lots of snow each year and 17 tornadoes a year on the average. When local property owners pick their Port Huron roofing materials, their choice needs to be informed by climate-specific features – here are some of the best materials for the area:
  • Asphalt shingles – this cheap and durable roofing material is excellent for the area. The buildings in the hotter part of the state should use lighter colors that reflect heat, while darker colors work best for colder areas;
  • Clay tiles – this great, traditional solution is suitable for any climate area and can withstand heat, cold as well as other forms of extreme weather. The material is a bit more expensive than asphalt shingles, but with proper care and maintenance, it can last for up to a century;
  • Rubber roofing – this roll-out material is designed for flat roofs and it is an excellent solution for any part of Michigan.

Summer Roof Maintenance Checklist

Summer Roofing Maintenance Checklist Roofs are continuously exposed to the elements, so besides your two major maintenance sessions scheduled for spring and for fall, you need to help it perform at its very best between the two inspections, in periods when the roof is exposed to airborne debris, rain, wind and hail. Here is a checklist with the most important roofing Commerce MI maintenance tasks to be performed after each summer storm:
  • Attic inspections right after a storm or after a rainy period – start your inspections with the attic, checking whether any moisture has seeped through the roof. Excessive dampness or droplets of water in the attic indicate a roofing leak right above the dampness or drops and any leak needs instant repair;
  • Flashing checks – you should also inspect the flashing around your chimneys, vents, skylights and satellite dishes. Replace the stripes that have cracks or are deformed;
  • Check and clean the gutters, the downspouts and the other components of the roof drainage system – leaves, dust, twigs, even dead birds or rodents tend to get into your gutter system, clogging your pipes. Get a tool to scrape out the debris and also check the pipes for any other types of damage, such as cracks, rust or sagging, then make the necessary fixes.

What Does Roof Hail Damage Look Like?

Roof Damage From A HailstormHail damage is not always obvious on a roof and there are homeowners who are not aware of it until they cause more extensive damage. This type of damage cannot be seen from the ground and this is precisely the reason why it is often overlooked.  To avoid this, make sure you do not skip the regular maintenance with the services of Roof One. Besides, any homeowner should carefully inspect their roof after a severe weather phenomenon (and a hailstorm falls into this category!); evaluating and documenting the condition of the roof will matter in the insurance claim. What is hail exactly? Hail is a form of precipitation, when upward air currents carry raindrops into the upper clouds, where they freeze and then fall to the ground. A hailstone that circulates up and down several times picks more moisture and becomes larger and larger, to the point where it may inflict damage to people and properties. Roof hail damage looks in different ways:
  • dented gutters and downspouts
  • chipped surfaces and dents in vents
  • hail impact point on the chimney or shingles
Damage inflicted to shingles is not always obvious and it takes a trained eye. In many situations, it is just the loss of granulation on the impact areas, but before wondering what is the big deal about some granules come lose, you should know that there areas are now vulnerable  and may lead to a roof leak, in not addressed correctly.    

How To Learn The Basics Of Your Roofing System

Basic Roofing Knowledge A new roofing system is a huge investment, whatever the material, so it is a good idea to learn as much as possible about the roof type that you are planning to use before you buy the materials and start the installation process. Here are some terms that you should familiarize yourself with:
  • Components of sloping roofing systems – sloping roofs are composed of roof covering, such as shingles, tiles, slate or metal sheets and underlayment meant to protect the boards or sheet metal underneath, called sheathing, which rests on rafters and trusses that make up the roofing structure. Roofs also have flashing to reinforce the areas around skylights and other openings and vents to ensure ventilation;
  • Components of flat roofing systems – flat roofs are different from sloping roofs not only in terms of shape, but in terms of the layers it consists of. The topmost layer is usually a layer of granules or gravel that keep the rest of the roof in place and protect it from the elements. Underneath the granules comes the base layer, consisting of sheets of felt, tar paper or membrane, then the protection board that separated the topmost layers from the insulation underneath the protection board. The roof insulation rests on a vapour barrier mounted on top of the roof deck.  Like always, if installed by a professional Shelby roofer, your roof will last for a long time.

Roof One Michigan Takes Care Of A Woman In Need

This is an awesome new video from Roof One, they gave away a free roof to a woman in need.   Roof One 275 South Telegraph Road Pontiac, MI 48341 (248) 322-1000

What Can Happen When You Ignore A Leaky Roof

Don't Leave A Leaky Roof To Question A leaky roof is a common occurrence and, although it is easy to ignore it, you should not do this. Even minor leaks can cause severe and costly water damage, so you must identify and address them as quickly as possible. First, you must understand that leaks go beyond the roof and affect the rest of the house too. A leak may cause permanent damage to the attic and ceiling, it affects the building`s structure and changes the quality of the indoor air by allowing mold build up. Attic insulation can be damaged by water infiltrations and becomes ineffective, which means that the costs of heating bills will increase dramatically, since there will be nothing to prevent air transfer. Damp insulation also represents a favorable environment for mold and other fungi whose presence is never a good thing. A big leak will cause the formation of pools of water in the house that may destroy furniture, flooring etc., call a Port Huron roofing expert immediately. You must be aware that a roofing leak does not repair itself, and the longer any water sits under the roof, the more damage it will do. In these circumstances, repairs get more expensive as you let the time pass without doing anything to fix the leak.

Signs You Might Make A Great Roofer

Skills Needed To Be A Great Roofer If you want to work in the roofing industry, you must have some particular qualities and love your job, because it is not an easy one. Roofing mostly involves working outdoors, so you must be ready to do your job in any season and not always in ideal weather conditions. You need specific technical abilities and knowledge that you acquire through studies and experience. Most large construction companies across the country offer apprenticeship programs, typically followed by hiring proposals, if you prove to be a reliable addition to their team. To be a good roofer, you must be able to work at heights, use safety equipment and also have a great sense of balance, to be able to move safely and comfortably up there. If you have some knowledge of mathematics and physics you have an advantage, which will help you make correct estimates and measurements, as well as calculate the risks. As a roofer, you must also be ready to work with patience and attention to details and to communicate properly with your Elmhurst roofing team and with clients. You must also remain open to the new technologies and be willing to specialize in some particular roofing area, as this will typically bring you more projects therefore more money.

Does Keeping Your Roof Clean Make It Last Longer?

Roof Cleaning Tips Although new building materials are particularly durable, they require some maintenance, for aesthetic and practical reasons. When it comes to the aesthetic considerations, you definitely want a roof with an impeccable aspect. Unfortunately, as a consequence of the action of time, as well as of dirt, pollution, bird excrements etc., its brightness and vivid colors will fade away. Additionally, especially in the case of ceramic tile roofs, moss, algae and even mold will form on their surface. Visible on northern side of the roof at first, where the moisture level is higher, these unpleasant details will become more and more obvious, as the time passes. As a consequence, the elegant appearance of your once new roof will be replaced with a dirty and unattractive aspect. When it comes to practical reasons, the functionality of the roof can be affected by the factors that also alter its aspect. Mold formation may block the spaces between the tiles, which can lead to water infiltrations. Rain water will not be collected properly by the drainage system, but will be absorbed between the tiles, which will trigger deterioration of the roof structure. Those experienced in roofing Commerce MI homes can be helpful in keeping your roof functional. Mold, fungus, and bacteria can spread and infiltrate the walls or the internal structure of the roof. The thermo insulation of the building can also be affected. Roofs absorb the warmth of the sun, but if they are covered with mold and algae they will partially lose this feature.    

What to Know About Roofer Certifications and Licenses

Certified And Licensed Roofing contractors can operate in a legit way only if they carry the licenses required by the state where their business is located – here is how that license and other certificates necessary for running their company successfully can be obtained. The first step on the road towards becoming a licensed roofing contractor is the accumulation of sufficient experience. Most people seeking a career in roofing choose to become employed with a licensed roofer first and to learn the profession while working as an apprentice. The next step is studying for the contractor’s exam, followed by enrolment for the exam and taking it. After the successful exam, the roofer can obtain his contractor’s license and he can establish his own roofing business. Roofing is a profession that requires continuous learning. New technologies and new materials are introduced all the time and a good roofer never misses an opportunity to participate in the workshops and study courses offered by large manufacturers of roofing materials. Each manufacturer has its own requirements when it comes to who is allowed to work with their materials and they issue certificates to the roofers that they find suitable. Consequently, a good roofer is not only someone who carries the state-issued roofing contractor’s certificate, but also one who carries various certificates issued by roofing material manufacturers to prove that he is familiar with various roofing systems and roofing technologies.  For locally licensed roofers, consider http://www.roofonemichigan.com/canton-roofing-experts-roof-one-llc.html.

How to Know If Solar Panels Will Work Well on Your Roof

Should You Install Solar Roofing Having solar panels installed on your roof is a great way to ensure the sustainability of your household. However, not all roofs and not all buildings are suitable for the installation of solar panels – here are some aspects that can help you determine the suitability of your property:
  • The roof material – the roofs that use asphalt shingle, clay tile, corrugated metal are the best for the installation of solar panels, while wood shingles and slate do not take the installation well because they are too brittle (however, there are a few modern methods that can work with these roof types, too);
  • Roofing configuration and the slope – complicated roof configurations that have lots of chimneys, vents and skylights make the installation of solar panels difficult and there are limitations when it comes to the sloping angle, too;
  • The weight bearing capacity of the building – make sure that your building can hold up the weight added by the solar panels;
  • The condition of the roof – most solar panels are warranted for around 40 years, so the roof underneath the panels should be able to stay up for at least that long;
  • Exposure to the sun – the most important thing that you need for your solar panels to work is sun. The best candidates for solar panels are roofs that get full exposure to the sun between 9 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.  As with most jobs, hiring Port Huron roofing professionals is advised.

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