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Tips for Working with Michigan Insurance Adjusters

If you sustained an injury of any type – or any other accident that involved a second party, whose insurance company is trying to contact you through an insurance adjuster – it’s important to know precisely how to deal with the adjuster.  Insurance adjusters have a lot of experience, just talk with a roofer experienced in roofing Canton MI homes, they will tell you to be precise as well as honest.   A common mistake people make is to avoid talking or giving the adjuster any kind of information upfront. This is wrong, because it allows the adjuster to assume that you’re fine, and you haven’t sustained any injuries whatsoever.

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Talk to the person politely, give a full, detailed and accurate account of your injuries and medical bills, and then simply refer them to your attorney for any additional concerns they might have.   An important additional note is to be mindful about medical payment policies, especially in Mighigan, where slip and fall cases will warrant this type of policy, leading to the insurance company paying for some of your medical bills whether or not you were at fault. Some homeowner policies allow for a “med pay” amount of $1,000 – $5,000.   If the adjuster or insurance company is hinting that they’d like to settle your whole case for that amount, remember that they owe you that money regardless of who was at fault, and have your attorney fight for your right at receiving fair compensation for your injuries.
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