• Gutters: Owens Corning RapidFlow®

Gutters: Owens Corning RapidFlow®

Owens Corning RapidFlow® Gutter Drainage Protection If you want to keep your gutters from failing the best way is to keep them free of debris and using a quality Gutter Guard system. The leaves, pine needles, seeds and everything else that flies through the air ends up in your gutters. Instead of having to climb a ladder every time you turn around, a great way of keeping the gutters clean is to use Gutter Guards. Not only do the gutters have to be cleaned to keep them free of debris but they should be cleaned so the water can drain instead of cascading over the side of the gutter. This keeps water from seeping into your home or around the foundation. Over a period of time this can cause severe damage to your foundation. If this should happen, the cost is astronomical for the repair. So, in the long run spending a little versus a lot is a smart idea.

Owens Corning RapidFlow® Gutter Drainage Protection keeps leaves, twigs and other debris from clogging gutters, while allowing water to flow freely.

  • Clog-free – unique profile and open-celled design promote water flow with no stagnation; product is backed by a five-year “clog-free” warranty.*
  • Stays in place – fits snugly inside the gutter even during extreme weather conditions and withstands winds up to 110 MPH.
  • Protects the roof – allows for improved water runoff as part of a healthy roofing system. Clogged gutters can contribute to ice damming, which can damage shingles and the roof deck.
  • Reduces maintenance. Increases Safety. Once installed, it’s virtually maintenance-free, and cleaning trips up and down the ladder are few and far between.
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